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corporate wellness

transform the health of your company

Employee wellness results in a...

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reduction in medical costs
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reduction in sick leave
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reduction in inpatient costs

Why Invest?

Improving employee wellness is crucial for a well functioning company. Research shows participation in a wellness program significantly reduces medical costs, pto & sick days, and hospitalizations. Additionally, employee wellness saves companies $3 for every $1 spent.

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How It works

WellLife Consulting offers on-site Employee Wellness programming with components known to improve employee health and reduce health care costs and insurance premiums.


WellLife programs take a comprehensive approach to long-term employee health, addressing nutrition and exercise habits, motivation, and goal-setting.


increase mental awareness and acuity

decrease PTo & Sick days

Increase Self Efficacy

Reduce Direct Medical Costs

Reduce Injury & Illness

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Increase Moral & loyalty

"Transform your health. Transform your life."
Katy Harris